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Product Description

3M™ CS500e ten-print Livescan device is a lightweight scanner capable of performing rolled and flat fingerprint images.
Features included USB2.0/3.0 power/data interface and FBI Appendix F certification, Ingress Protection (IP) Level 54
The intuitive Livescan software guides the operator through the capture
process and features real-time image quality check, sequence verification,
auto-center, and auto-contrast functions.
The data entry process is simplified through the use of drop-down menus for
demographic information, reducing operator errors and making it ideal for
high-volume processing environments.



  • Supports flat and/or rolled capture capabilities
  • Automatic calibration and table updates
  • Preformatted data fields based on predefined lists
  • Configurable data input features to meet state and federal specifications
  • Fully compliant ANSI/NIST standards
  • FBI Appendix F
  • Submission acknowledgement, tracking, and reporting
  • Lightweight, compact design

Standard Software

  • FBI-certified processing software
  • Capture 14 NIST fingerprint images
  • FBI-certified WSQ compression module
  • SMTP, FTP, XML and NIST interface module
  • Quality check and sequence check module
  • Segmentation of flats into single fingerprint images
  • Available Software Development Kits (SDKs)
  • FPCaptureAccess
  • FPCaptureExpress (Optional)


  • FBI Appendix F
  • Ingress Protection (IP) 54 complaint
  • USB-IF certified
  • FCC
  • CE
  • UL

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